Edulife believes that the quality of teachers and faculty members of today will decide the quality of students that will be the next gen manpower, the nation of tomorrow. . 

The aim of India’s higher education system is attaining sustainable development and achieving higher growth rates which could be enabled through creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge. Higher education at all levels in the country is witnessing a consistent growth pattern marked by the setting up of new institutions and the improvement of the existing ones. Demand for qualified teachers and faculty members over the next few years would be substantial and will become extremely critical for states to expand the current institutional capacities, not only of infrastructure but also of qualified and trained faculty members.

In recent years Edulife India’s educational tools have been understood and adopted by many institutions. We have imparted training on the next gen technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and Machine Learning. We conduct workshops for teachers so that they can make education better for young minds and even learn a lot themselves. 

Our faculty development programs have been conducted in many prestigious colleges across India. With NITs , IITs and other regional colleges under our partnership, we can proudly say that we have enabled teachers to deliver quality education, one college at a time.